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The basics of skin care you should know

~ Tomorrow's beauty with beauty! ! ~

We will support you as a supporter of care to keep your skin healthy in the future.

Basic skin care is “(1) Remove, (2) Nurture, (3) Give, (4) Protect.”

(1) Remove: Remove the surface of the stratum corneum that is easy to get dirty. (makeup remover/face wash)

(2) Nurturing: Nurturing the stratum corneum, keeping it in good condition, and moisturizing it. (lotion, milky lotion)

(3) Gives: Maintains the original function of the skin and gives it health. (cream)

(4) Protect: Protects the skin from harmful effects such as ultraviolet rays and impressions. (daytime serum/sunscreen)

If you take care of your skin with basic care, you can maintain healthy skin that will not cause future skin problems.

[Night care]
Step 1 Thoroughly remove dirt.

Remove point makeup, base, and sunscreen with cleansing.
There are sheet-type cleansers, but you can choose cream, gel, or oil according to your preference and degree of dirtiness.

*On tired days or when applying simple makeup, you can use a cleansing sheet to remove the makeup, but if possible, cleansing thoroughly to prevent dirt from accumulating in the pores will make your skin happy.

Step 2 Wash your face!

Are you good at whipping?
After wetting your hands and face, dispense 1 cm of cleansing foam into the palm of your hand and lather while soaking in water and air.
It's good if you can make fine, fluffy foam like whipped cream.
Once you're used to it, please rinse gently next time! Rinse gently with both hands about 20 times.
*If you can't lather well, you can use a foaming net to create fluffy foam.
Place foam on both cheeks, gently roll the foam on your face and apply to the entire face.
*Be more careful with the T-zone, which has a lot of sebum secretion! !

Step 3 Lotion

Lightly dampen with a soft towel and apply lotion immediately...
If it takes a long time, a spray (mist) lotion can be used as an emergency treatment.
For the lotion, take a 500-yen coin-sized amount on a cotton pad and apply it in a circular motion from the center of the face to the outside.

The order is cheeks ⇒ forehead ⇒ eyelids ⇒ under the eyes ⇒ bridge of the nose ⇒ nostrils ⇒ around the mouth ⇒ face line

If you move the cotton around 3 times in one place, you will not apply too much force and it will not be a burden on your skin.

Step 4 emulsion

Press three times on a cotton pad to take a 10-yen coin-sized amount, fold the fluffy milky lotion on the cotton pad in half, and gently place it on both cheeks. please

Step 5 Cream

Please wrap your face with an important wrap! It's not saran wrap (laughs) but a cream film.

Take a pearl-sized amount on your fingertips and apply it to 5 areas of your face.

Apply gently in a circular motion with both hands on both cheeks ⇒ forehead ⇒ tip of nose ⇒ chin.

Once the cream has spread all over your face, do some small face exercises.

From the chin to the bottom of the ear ⇒ from the nostril to the side of the ear ⇒ from the nostril to the temple.
*If you are a little tired and troublesome, you can use an all-in-one instead, but there are recent all-in-one products that are effective for skin problems and packs. Ask here at the store.

[This is important! ]
The best sleep time is said to be a multiple of your 1.5 hour sleep cycle, but you want to sleep at least four times as long. The period from 10:00 to 2:00 is said to be golden sleep, and it is said to be an important time when the skin becomes more beautiful and the growth hormone is actively secreted.

It's a time not to be missed!

In the morning when you have a good night's sleep and your skin is tired, old keratin metabolizes on the surface of your skin during the night.

Make sure to wash your face with foam instead of just water!
Washing your face in the morning is an important step to avoid skin problems.

After washing your face, blend it with lotion or milky lotion to protect it! !

Be sure to protect your skin with a daytime serum and sunscreen.
Recently, I've been using masks, so using less powder is one way to prevent stickiness and prevent mask troubles.

*For those who are concerned about blemishes and freckles, it is better to wear a foundation to prevent the problem from becoming more serious.
* It will be better to apply foundation after applying makeup base.

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