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​Prescription reception


Prescriptions are accepted at hospitals and clinics nationwide (it may take some time because we are ordering medicines).
By sending your prescription in advance by fax or online, you can shorten the waiting time and make effective use of your time.

​ Store: Nakayama Pharmacy Main Store (dispensing)

6-1 Ikomamachi, Nanao City, Ishikawa Prefecture

TEL 0767-52-3107

​ FAX 0767-52-3109



What is a "prescription"?

A prescription is a document in which the doctor selects the medicine necessary for the treatment of the patient's disease, and describes the type, dosage, administration method, etc. after receiving a medical examination at a clinic or hospital. After confirming that the contents of the prescription are correct, the pharmacist dispenses the medicine.


​Store: Patria Nakayama Pharmacy (dispensing)

1st floor, Patria, Misogicho, Nanao City, Ishikawa Prefecture

TEL 0767-54-0739

​ FAX 0767-54-0738


​What is a medicine notebook?

A notebook that records when, where, and what medicines were prescribed.
When you visit multiple medical institutions or when you move house, you can understand your medicine just by showing your "medicine notebook".
aside from that
・When traveling
・When purchasing medicine at a pharmacy
・When you move and visit a new medical institution
・When visiting a holiday clinic or emergency hospital
・In the event of a disaster
The "medicine notebook" is useful at such times.


​Please bring your insurance card, My Number, etc., and your medicine notebook.

waiting time

If you can send your prescription in advance by fax, using the medicine notebook app, or by sending it in advance via LINE, it will help reduce the waiting time.

​ Medicine consultation

Please feel free to contact Nakayama Pharmacy if you have any problems with prescribed medicines.

Do you have any problems like this?

・Many medicines

Forgetting when to take medicine

Forgetting if you have taken medicine

・I find it difficult to take medicine.

・I'm having trouble taking medicine out.

​・May be a side effect.

​We will change to easy-to-take medicines and take care not to make mistakes.


・Put your medicines together at the time of taking them.

​・Various dosage forms such as orally disintegrating tablets, liquids, powders (powders) prevent forgetting to take. (A doctor's instruction is required when changing)

Please leave the medicine to your "family pharmacist".


​Leave all the medicines to us.

・All the medicines you are currently taking will be put together in one medicine notebook, and you will be able to centrally and continuously manage your medicines.

・In addition to the medicines prescribed at hospitals and clinics, we will also ask about over-the-counter medicines, health foods, supplements, etc., and check for any interactions. ​

​・Medicines dispensed at other pharmacies will also be recorded and managed in the drug intake history through the medicine notebook.

​We will consult and respond even after handing over the medicine.

・Depending on your physical condition and health, we will be able to contact you regularly by telephone or by visiting your home.

・We will ask your doctor about any changes in your physical condition, and if necessary, we will suggest changes to your medicine or reduction of your medicine.

・When we confirm serious information related to medicine such as side effects, we will immediately provide the information and ensure safety.

​・All of this information will be recorded in the medication history and managed centrally and continuously.

​ 24 hours for consultation

・If necessary, we will consult with you about medicines 24 hours a day based on the contact information and work schedule for office hours.

​We will also organize your leftover medicines


・If you bring the medicine you are taking to the pharmacy, we will organize the remaining medicine.

​We will visit your home if necessary.


For inquiries about "family pharmacist",
​ Please contact the pharmacist at Nakayama Pharmacy.

Dispensing of emergency contraceptives associated with online medical consultation



Medicines that have been used at multiple medical institutions and pharmacies by patients who have selected electronic prescriptions and consented to doctors, dentists, and pharmacists referring to the patient's drug information. Based on this information, you can receive safer and more secure medical care than ever before.


​Electronic prescriptions will start in January 2023




Electronic prescriptions are electronic prescriptions that were previously issued on paper.

Using electronic prescriptions has many advantages for patients.

Advantage 1 Enabling information sharing among multiple medical institutions and pharmacies leads to safe and secure medical care.

Advantage 2 Patients can check their own medication information.

You can check your most recent medication information on Mynaportal.

Advantage 3 It will be more convenient to receive medical care and medicine.

Since prescriptions are digitized, prescription information can be sent to pharmacies in advance. Also, online medical treatment will be easier to receive. ​

​To use electronic prescriptions

Step 1 Choose an electronic prescription at a medical institution! ​

Step 2 Apply at a pharmacy that accepts electronic prescriptions!

​Step 3 Receive the dispensed medicine






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