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Lack of firmness and sagging

●The eyelids and outer corners of the eyes appear to droop
●Face line becomes unclear
●Appearance of sagging under the cheeks and chin

Cause: aging/rapid weight gain/ultraviolet rays

We recommend cosmetics with a high revitalizing effect.
● It is effective to do face exercises while taking care of your skin.
● Balanced diet  
From your diet, actively take in animal protein and vitamin C, which are necessary for creating healthy skin, and vitamin E, which promotes blood circulation.  

Skin turnover is not good, and unnecessary stratum corneum remains on the skin, which may cause the skin to lose its luster and transparency, resulting in a dull appearance.

Lack of sleep and fatigue can slow down your metabolism and dull your skin.

It is also effective to get enough sleep and to take a slow bath in lukewarm water to improve blood circulation throughout the body. Soothing music and scents can also help you recover from fatigue.

Both melanin and dark circles are the cause.

Especially around the eyes with thin skin

​A part that is susceptible to UV rays.

Deficiency of vitamin E and iron

Poor blood circulation and skin around the eyes

​ malnutrition and lack of oxygen.

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