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Worried about dark spots and freckles


・Pigmentation seen bilaterally on the forehead, cheeks, under the nose, etc.
→ It often appears due to changes in hormonal balance
・Pigmentation with clear contours seen in areas that are prone to exposure to UV rays
→ It often appears due to the influence of ultraviolet rays
・Fine brown spots around the nose and cheeks
- Strong genetic component
<Pimple marks>
・Brown or slightly reddish pigmented spots that appear after inflamed acne has healed

Causes: UV rays, hormonal imbalance, mental stress, aging, acne, pimples


Advice: We recommend cosmetics with a high whitening effect.
●Acne scars are those left behind after recovery from stimulation caused by touching or squeezing the pimple with your fingertips. Avoid tampering with pimples.
●Be sure to eat a well-balanced diet with sufficient amounts of vitamin C to prevent melanin from increasing, vitamin A to aid metabolism, and protein necessary for skin recovery.

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