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My cheeks are immediately puffed...
It turns red...

・ Cheeks turn red with weak stimulation
・Blood vessels appear to stand out
・Houga Hotel
○Seasons ○Intake of hot food and stimulants
○ Hormone imbalance ○ Poor blood circulation


Capillaries close to the surface of the skin expand and contract according to their surroundings

If the balance between expansion and contraction is disturbed, the capillaries expand and blood flow increases, causing redness and hot flashes.

Care that promotes improved blood circulation

Regulates skin temperature and smoothes blood flow
If you have hot flashes or redness, cool the skin to lower the skin temperature
-Improve blood circulation by working on the blood vessels themselves

◎ If you experience redness or hot flashes, use cosmetics that have a cooling effect on your skin and an anti-inflammatory effect.

◎Massage to strengthen blood vessel walls and improve blood circulation is recommended.

◎ Use foundation during the day to protect your skin from sudden temperature changes.

◎ Let's try to take foods containing vitamin C, vitamin E, and vitamin B group every day to strengthen blood vessel walls and promote blood circulation. Avoid stimulants such as spicy foods and excessive alcohol.

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